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"Sham prisons are those in which one encloses oneself, which one builds oneself in order not to have to tackle life, with its thousand delights and in between some sorrow, whether it be for fear, cowardice, comfort or advantage, in which we pity ourselves without any real, valid reason. Those dungeons that lead us to accept painful situations that we could fight and from which we could free ourselves to enjoy and appreciate again the everyday beauty that life gives us. [...]

Some works dedicated to this theme are made of fabric, some painted, others made of textiles, which gradually open up and form an escape route or even dissolve completely. This allows the captured figure, still huddled together, to stretch upwards. These works describe a fabric into which a running stitch penetrates, which gradually widens: the ever-present exit path, but which we do not always recognise"
(Angelica Jawlensky Bianconi, 2011)

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