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"In Loredana's work we meet shapes and signs, writing-signs. Forms talk about birth, about the time of physical growth, about bodily labour struggling towards shape. This is the informal part of her art. It bursts out of the most intense sculptures, it dominates the background of her paintings with the depth of pictorial matter and with prevalent forms: wombs motherhood and tomb niches. There are paintings of nature teeming with matters, often in collages: moss, rinds, or heavily simulated forms of nature. Such shamanic signs are accessible only to those who want to go along a path of initiation. It is not a question of mere ornamentation, these are directives coming from the depths, laid down to cover silence and emptiness through invention and ritual repetition. Wizard-sign, "pronunciamento"-writing, the primitive need from our depths to find a way of coming out, a release for expressiveness and writing."
(Piero Del Giudice, 2002)

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